I Love Options

First, can I just say... the new blogger layout makes me nervous? I'm sure I'll get used to it, but I'm about to make a life change, and there's only so much change I can handle! :P

On to the options. Option #1 - I interviewed for a job today. It's interesting, and may allow me to jump into the video game industry. I'm pretty sure it's in the bag, I just to have come back for shadowing and then to discuss pay. It has better benefits than what I have currently - just medical v. medical, dental, vision, 401k - and will likely pay between $5k-12k more, plus commissions. It's basically the same commute I have now.

Option #2 - 50 miles away. I have a friend vouching for me, so almost certain I'll get the interview. This would mean $20-30k more, plus yearly bonuses which are sizeable. Full benefits. Autonomy. Fun job. BUT... 50 miles. Broached this with H and he was very sad, but didn't point blank say "I don't want you to go." He recognized that I've been looking for a long time, without interviews (this conversation obviously took place before I got the interview for #1). Said he needed to "think about it."

Option #3 - Government interview. Very hands-on, think Law & Order. Pay will be either nothing or very small. But once I pass the bar, can likely immediately get hired as an attorney here.

So obviously, #1 is the only sure one currently on the table. Hopefully I can get these other interviews set up before I have to make my decision.


Nd.chic said...

Very hard decisions! I don't envy you. The added pay sounds nice but 50 miles is a long commute.

The Lost Goat said...

Are you doing a bar class for the July exam? It will be a PITA to break in a new job and take the class.

50 miles is a long way unless it is taking you somewhere you want to go. 20K a year is nice, but it won't buy you back the time you spend commuting, so there should be something else in it for you.

How committed are you to the law? Ask your friends from school who got a job at graduation how much they are enjoying what they do and consider if you're not throwing good money after bad pursuing law if you have better options elsewhere.

Ronit said...

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