I can't believe it's already April

Time flies.

Life right now is consumed with trying to find a new job with a higher salary. I'm on the verge of wiping out my savings to take an in-person bar class, and I'm terrified to do it without more money coming in. I didn't take the bar in February, and am trying to decide whether or not I can go it on my own or if I should pay nearly $4k to be in a classroom every night. The former hasn't worked so well in the past.

Our lease is expiring in a month, and we're going month-to-month from there on out. H and I are "thinking things through" in regards to what we eventually want to do. What that basically means is that we're deciding if we're ready to take the next step (moving into a new place together not on a whim, which H considers a "total commitment"). I think we'll have everything figured out in a few months, but the insecure living situation is causing me a little bit of stress.

It's amazing that I've let the bar hang over my head for this long. That I didn't take the class and pass it right out of law school was one of the worst decisions of my life!


The Lost Goat said...

Bar Bri. Make it happen, you will not be sorry. I only took the TX bar exam, but the amount of out of class study that I did was negligible, and I and all my friends passed with ease.

Daisy said...

Time flies, hey? I'm still in shock that it's 2012. Good luck on your job hunt!

Little House said...

It sounds like the Bar class might be a good investment if it means you'll pass, especially since starting salary for lawyers is pretty good. Good luck on figuring out what you need to do!

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