Life Update

I've been at the new job almost a month now. I've also been seeing a new guy for about a month and a half. The job is going well; my coworkers are nice, the work is interesting, and I have some hours flexibility (I can come in between 8-8:30 and leave between 4:30-5:30, depending on how long of a lunch I take). I don't see myself being here for years and years, but I think it's a perfect fit for the immediate future.

The new guy situation is... different. I briefly mentioned this on twitter, but I've found myself in a bona fide open relationship. We have exchanged the "l" word, he stays at my place almost every night, but we're both still dating other people. (In the interest of disclosure, he's continued to actively see other people, while I've been putting in a lackluster effort). I'm playing it by ear for now (and shocking my friends and family!), but I'm not sure how I'm going to ultimately decide to handle it.

I may be moving again in the next month or so. My mom and I are having some major issues. Plus, I'm paying $1500 for a tiny room and limited access to the kitchen (as she feels "uncomfortable" when I have people over. But she forgets that this is OUR house. More MINE considering the amount of money I've poured into it). Ah, the joys of living with parents!

Hope you've all been well!


The Lost Goat said...

Sounds like life is going well for you. Open relationships can be a lot of fun, but why are your friends and family so concerned?

Cedes said...

Seems like the job front is moving along swimmingly. Sorry to hear that living with your mom isn't going as well. But like you said, that's living with a parent for ya!

Personally, I could never do an 'open' relationship. Though I think if you were going to do that, you need a clearly defined definition of what it means. I had an ex who (said he) was into polyamory, and I kept telling myself that I'd find a way to deal with it, but in the end it was too big of an issue for me and really screwed me up for some time.

But, as long as you are happy, it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about the dynamics of your relationship.

Sallie's Niece said...

I'm glad you like the new job and boy. Open relationships can be complicated but it's no one's business but yours. Good luck!

Nd.chic said...

I'm glad to hear that your job is going well. I think its great for your self-esteem to be working and feeling good about yourself.

Living with a parent as an adult is hard. You should be able to have people over when you want.

I would do the open relationship thing but I can see where it could be very tricky in the future. Have fun with it and see where it takes you.

Unknown said...
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