(Belated) February Goals

Week 1 - 2/16-2/20

  1. Relist Balenciaga on eBay
  2. Do threading
  3. Go to Meetup events... and meet new okc guy ;)
Week 2 - 2/21-28
  1. Get a pedicure
  2. Call CC companies re: getting interest rates reduced
  3. List Miu Miu on eBay
  4. Do at least 30 hrs of work
  5. Go to Hip Hop class
  6. Get a haircut I love it!
  7. Go to the dentist for teeth cleaning
  8. Go to Meetup events


Anonymous said...

Did you get your interest rates reduced?

Sunflowers said...

@Jessica: No... but I haven't called them yet! I'll add that to the list of things to do this week.

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