Raising Money

I'm selling some items (negotiable on everything):

  1. BenQ Joybee GP1 DLP Mini Projector - $350 Sold :)
  2. Balenciaga City in Jet Black - $1200
  3. Chloe Paddington in Chocolate Brown - $600 Sold :)
  4. Coach clutch - $100
  5. Coach wallet - $75
If you're interested, email me at debtchronicles (at) hotmail.com. :)


Jessica said...

FYI on the bar books - check your user agreement before selling them. I know the BarBri agreement doesn't allow for you to sell the books and included liquidated damages clause if you were caught doing so.

Otherwise, best of luck to you!

Rachel said...

What color is the wallet? Do you have any photos?

Sunflowers said...

@Jessica - You're right! No liquidated damages clause, but apparently it's a "serious violation of professional ethics." :P

@Rachel: It's black. I'll post a pic :)

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