Finances and the Future

M (or should I just start referring to him as "the ex" now?) and I talked over the weekend. These are the tentative things we've agreed to:

  1. He's going to give me $2800 to cover finances for the next two months.
  2. Assuming I move out by the end of January, he's going to give me $10,000 (approximately the amount he would have had to pay for rent and utilities for the next 5 months - so he'll be paying the money to me instead of the landlord).
  3. He's going to look through all my credit card statements and determine what was for us or him, and then he'll give me half of whatever that amount is. He said gas he'll pay half automatically (since I have been his chauffeur for the past 6 yrs!), and he'll "consider" food (how many times I've brought him back food after going out with friends/family, I can't even count).
  4. He and I are going to sell a bunch of his, my, and our stuff in the house on Craig's List and eBay and split the proceeds.
$10k/Moving Issues
This is a little tricky, because we don't have an exit clause in the lease, and there's no guarantee that the landlord will be able to rent this place by the time we'ved moved out. He knows this and we've talked about this. I think if they can't find someone, he's just going to choose to let the matter go into collections and ding his (and my) credit. The other tricky part here is that while he has already moved in with his dad and stepmom, my mom needs to find a new place before I can start moving. There are 20 days left for her to find a place, for me to move in, and for he and I to clean this place.

If I had to guess, and assuming all goes smoothly, I'll have about $18,000 come February 1st. I will probably have to use some of it for part of the security deposit and first month's rent in the new place. The rest will go to credit cards.

It will be insanely tight until I get a well-paying job again. And I'll be insanely stressed over the next two months, while I continue to struggle to deal with this break-up, study for the bar, work, and move (ugh, I hate moving). But... I'll survive. I'll put it back together again (been listening to a lot of Diana Vickers! ha).


Anonymous said...

I got out of a lease 4 months early to move to Kansas. What I had to do was find someone to take over my lease. I let my landlord know. I listed the apartment on Craigslist and then had to pay a month's rent "fee" for the paperwork/apartment cleaning/lease transfer/ect.

It sucked, but I was glad that I was able to get out early.

It sounds like he's being VERY generous with the financials.

Little Miss Moneybags said...

I read a comment somewhere the other day that said "Consider this the price to get her out of your hair." With the gender reversed, I think it applies really well to your situation. Best of luck -- I hope that everything works out for you!

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