New Job

I got a job! Not the one I was talking about in my previous post. Although this one pays much less, it's very flexible, and that's what I'm going to need while I'm studying for the February bar.

I'll be working for an online company that provides legal content to law students, firms, and search engines. I'll basically be doing summaries of case law/trial video. It's entirely from home, and I can work up to 40 hours/week. There are some time sensitive projects, but mostly I set up my own schedule. It's $10/hr (gulp! but... better than nothing!). It was advertised as a temporary position (up to 9 months), but that's perfect, because I'll (hopefully!!) be a licensed attorney by then and securing an associate position. Or maybe something else will open up in this company! They seem to be doing very well.

I said I would work 40 hrs/wk until I start bar study (December 21st), at which point I'll drop down to 20 or 30. She said I can do less if I feel stressed out.

I'll be considered an independent contractor, so I'll have to remember to set aside some money for taxes. I got dinged last year for not registering my "business" with the city (I was clerking at a firm and considered an independent contractor; though I really wasn't! But anyway :p). Since this is online-only, I'm not sure if this needs to be registered. I need to look into that.

I also don't know if I need to inform Sallie Mae that I have a job. Since I'll be making so little money, I think I won't need to pay anything towards my loans under IBR. So in that respect, it won't make a difference. I also know that they don't consider me employed if I work under 30 hrs a week. So if I'm working half a month of full-time and half a month of part-time, what does that make me? Half-employed? :p

I'm happy about the job, but I feel like I can't really celebrate because I'm making so little. I'm a little... ashamed. I was supposed to be M's sugar mama! :p He put up with all my frustration and anxiety during law school, and I come out making less than I made my first year of college. I appreciate all the congrats and I'm really happy to have something, especially something that works with bar study. But it's still all a bit depressing. But it's ok... I have chocolate chip cookies. ;)


Sallie's Niece said...

Congrats on the job! I think the flexibility will be great while studying for the bar.

And no you don't need to tell Sallie Mae because deferrals are generally for a certain amount of time so they only need to know what you're making when the time is up.

Sunflowers said...

Thanks! :)

Am I considered in deferment? I canceled the unemployment deferment in lieu of getting all my loans signed up under IBR. But then SM sent me documents which stated that my loans were now not due until 2012. Don't really understand that.

Sarah said...

congrats, its a stepping stone and those are always good things to have. And besides it might open you up to bigger things.

Nd.chic said...

Congrats! It will also be another little perk to add to your resume if you want to.

Sunflowers said...

Thanks for the congrats, ladies! :) It would be fantastic if it could open up to bigger things, but for now, it's just great to have something flexible that works with bar study... and doesn't require me to change out of my pjs or workout clothes! LOL.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the job - it sounds like a really good fit for what you need right now!

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