Interviewing... and Gel Nails

I had my first interview last week. But it was with a recruiter, so it wasn't a "real" interview. They'll call me if they have any document review positions available. These are temporary, contract jobs, and pay from $30-40 per hour. That was more than I was getting paid as a legal assistant, but not by much. Assuming it would be full-time, it would be anywhere from $3462-4350 net per month. I'm also going to try to apply to the recruiting company itself. The recruiter said there might be openings. I don't know how much recruiters get paid, but it seemed like it might be an interesting position.

Yesterday I decided it was time to pamper myself, and make myself a little more interview ready. I've totally ignored my nails for months, and the hypothyroidism makes them prone to breakage. So I'm trying gel nails for the first time. I did the french manicure, and wanted them looking as natural as possible. I paid $88 in total (inc. tip) for the gel mani and a normal pedicure. This was a great deal more than I was used to paying; the local salons I usually go to charge about $25 for both., so I come out paying $30 with tip. That said, this place was much nicer than those salons.

The place I went to did "bio sculpture" gel nails, which I heard was better for you. They don't do fills, so in 3-6 weeks you come back and have them soaked off and then re-done. The manicurist first cut, filed, buffed and soaked my nails, and once they were dry, she began painting on the gel. She painted on a base coat, I stuck my hands in a machine (I think my nails went under UV light?). We repeated this process for each coat that went on. When I stuck my hands in to dry the final coat I felt a burning sensation. The manicurist said to take my hands out if it hurt too much (I didn't, because the pain subsided after about 2 seconds), and then said that some people feel pain at that stage and some don't. Those of you who have tried gel - is this normal??

It looks just like a normal french manicure, except it's supposed to last 3-6 weeks as opposed to 2 days. I figure it'll take me through interviewing season and then I'll have it removed. I love looking at it, but that burning sensation, plus the feeling of heaviness on my nails (I notice it more than with a normal manicure; feels like my nails are suffocating) makes me think it's not worth it. But I'm glad I tried it once. :)


Anonymous said...

Gel nails are the only "fake nails" I've ever had done, and it does burn a little in that final stage. My salon would do fill ins, but they look awful with the gel nails. So it sounds like your salon has it right.

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