June Goals

  1. Call Sallie Mae. They denied one of my forbearances (all my undergrad loans were due today, but I pushed them into alignment with my grad school loans - 6 months from now) and I can't figure out why! - It was a private loan, so I had to pay $50 first! sigh.
  2. Mail out bills. M's check to his periodontist and my check to one of the labs that did my TSH bloodwork. Dropping them off after I pick up M from work.
  3. Organize my closet. I need to find things to sell/donate. I bought a few suits/tops for work (yes, I've been bad) and it's getting stuffed in there.
  4. Start posting on my newest blog. I thought it'd be a good way to keep track of my outfits, and to remind myself that I really have a lot of nice things, and I don't need to buy anymore. :p
  5. Organize the house in general. I have tons of papers that need to be filed, and I need to clean out the dining room area to make room for M's bday present (a bike! shh ;)).
  6. Stay on top of bar study. I'm already behind because of being sick. I need to make up for that ASAP and never fall behind again.
  7. Go to the gym & yoga daily! I have a voucher for 20 yoga classes (xmas present from M) that I have to use by the end of the month, plus I need to get off my ass and start moving again. I've been so lethargic and unmotivated lately... I need to get out of my funk!
  8. Return shoes/clothes to Nordstrom. I bought a suit and work shoes online and then found them on sale a few days later! Everything's returned! Just waiting for the credit to show up on my acct.
  9. Update side bars. I've been putting this off forever! I need to figure out exactly how much debt I have.
  10. Do a budget. I need to figure what's the bare minimum I need to last me through August (in case I can't find a job immediately after the bar).


Paragon2Pieces said...

sounds ambitious :)

are you in a classroom course for bar study or are you working on your own over the web?

Sunflowers said...

I'm enrolled in a classroom course but I've been doing it online... It might be better for me to do it in class, but I'll be wasting hours sitting in traffic! And I like doing the class in my pjs :p

What about you?

Paragon2Pieces said...

I'm in an online course, but I have to go to the classroom each day because I'm administering the course (they're prepping for the TX bar, I'm prepping for the CA bar--I read outlines and do practice Qs while they watch DVDs). We had the last day of the foundation course on Saturday and I was the only one present for the morning session!

I seriously would not go to the classroom if I didn't have to. I think it's better to watch the videos at home so you can stop and rewind if things are going in and one ear and out the other. And, as you point out, time and money are lost driving back and forth.

Esp since you haven't been feeling well, prepping from home is the way to go I think... except for all the distractions. Case in point: I just whipped up some corn bread during what was supposed to be a 10 min break between lecture segments. Just can't help myself :)

Sunflowers said...

Yeah, the distractions are the bad part... I constantly feel the urge to clean the house, or read a book, or nap... Though I would get the urge to do that last one even if I was in the classroom. haha

Jenna said...

Organize my closet. / I need to do this too. And by closet I mean attic...

Good luck with your list. Hope you are successful in accomplishing your goals. Please keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I almost want to start my own outfit blog too! I know I'd be too lazy to keep it up, though. It was hard enough documenting my clothing challenge for a whole month earlier this year. That, and i don't currently have a camera (sucks cause i want to do a bit of a wardrobe series and clearout!)

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