I have $1303 to last me through the end of August (though hopefully I'll find a job early in the month). I've already made my rent and credit card payments for July.

$80 gas (July-Aug)
$100 food (July-Aug)
$565 rent (Aug)
$650 credit cards (Aug)
= $1395

I'm still trying to sell my purses... but haven't yet posted them on ebay. I have Rebecca Minkoff and Botkier purses that I also want to sell. So hopefully that'll help me make up the deficit!


Serendipity said...

Things are gonna be tight. Hopefully you can sell some stuff on Ebay maybe?

Sunflowers said...

It will be tight. :( And I know I'll have more doctor's bills... So yeah, I definitely need to sell some stuff on ebay and then hopefully I can find a job at the beginning of August!!

Paragon2Pieces said...

i may have mentioned this to you already, and if i did i apologize. for selling your purses, have you considered selling to bagborroworsteal.com? i'm not certain whether you will get a better price from them than you would be able to get from ebay, but it might be worth looking into.

Sunflowers said...

I get emails from them (I think they're called Avelle now?) but I've never thought about selling to them. I don't think you've mentioned it before... thanks! :) I'll have to check into that. Ebay can be such a hassle sometimes, it'd be nice to have an easy, fast transaction, even if that means losing a little bit of money.

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