I'm Free! (sort of)

I survived finals hell. And now I'm trying to survive social hell (just kidding... mostly ;P). But I do have to be way WAY more social than usual the next three days. And I'll be running between museums, the airport, theme parks, restaurants, nail salons, school... A lot to do, a lot of people to see. I already had one day of family time and I'm exhausted!

Part of that exhaustion could be the hypothyroidism. Yep, I definitely have it. I went to an endocrinologist, and she - in a very disappointed voice - informed me that my TSH levels are higher than they were before (beyond subclinical levels), my antibody level indicates Hashimoto's, and my thyroid is enlarged. She gave me two sample packs of Synthroid, which I'll be taking daily, and I'll be doing follow-up bloodwork in 6 weeks. I was feeling kind of down about it this morning... but I'm mostly apathetic now. I already take birth control daily, what's another pill? And if it increases my energy levels and helps me lose weight... that would be fantastic.

I have a ton of other stuff to write about, but it'll have to wait until Monday... after bar class. Yeah, it starts the day after graduation. I get NO BREAK! It's making me feel a little crazy. But I'm sure I'll pull-through. I have to.


Jenna said...

Sorry to hear about your hypothyroidism! Good luck surviving being the socialite you are. Can't wait to read your upcoming blog posts.

Kiloko Designs said...


look into going gluten-free to control hashi's. there have been cases of people's antibody levels dropping to below detection.

good luck.

Sunflowers said...

@Jenna: Thanks! I survived! ;)

@Miss Moo: Thanks, I will definitely look into that. I don't want to accept that I have to take Synthroid for the rest of my life!

Paragon2Pieces said...

A late but hearty congratulations :)

Dsn Code Black said...

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