Christmas Presents

After today, classes will be over, and I'll have three things to focus on - finals, my paper, and Christmas. Oh, and exercise. I want to establish a routine before the new year starts.

Back to Christmas. I have less people to buy for this year... a couple months ago, my good (or so I thought) friend broke up with her fiance (I'd been friends with both of them for 7 years), started dating someone new, and then "broke up" with me because I told her I didn't like him (wasn't quite as simple as that, but I won't go into details. Basically, I thought he was very disrespectful towards her, and condescending towards me). It made me angry for a long time, but now I'm over it. And glad for the $100-200 savings! :p

M and I always share in the cost of presents to his family and to mine. I'm going to leave his family out of my list because he's figuring out and compiling his own list of what he thinks they'll like. I changed my mind. :p

For M, I'd like to buy several small presents. I don't think there are any electronics he's interested in (nothing affordable anyway). So I'm going to try to aim for stuff he'd be amused by (something from ThinkGeek, probably) and things he needs (clothes).

For friends, I'm hoping I can use my credit card rewards points! I have 13k...

Total Budget = $800 (I upped this from 300 to 800 as I began making purchases... I'm probably STILL going to go over! gulp)

Bf - dress shoes ($105); jeans ($176); sweater ($100) -- I took it all back and am starting over (nothing fit him :p); BuckyBalls ($30); clouds t-shirt ($27); hand exerciser ($50); zombie board game ($50); squishable??
Total = ~$160

My Family
Mom - All-in-one Printer w/ink ($65 + $30); new cell phone ($100); eyeglass holder ($30)
Dad - Blu-ray player ($120); Planet Earth Blu-ray ($40)
Sis - Death Note Boxset ($60); One Piece game ($50); Dragon Age ($50); Eye Pet ($50?); Neopet plush ($15)
Grandma - carton of cigarettes ($50 - terrible, I know, but it's apparently the only thing she wants :p); cigarette holder ($14)
My half total = $365

Bf's Family
Mom - just xmas
Dad - Anvil DVD ($20) - for bday;
Stepmom - ? - for bday;
Bro - Ucreate Music ($35) - for bday;
Sis #1 - Planet Earth ($40); Dragon Age ($40)
Sis #2 - Tweakers ($20) - for bday;
Sis #3 - just xmas
My half total = ?

Friend #1 (T) - ShanaLogic goodies ($50)
Friend #2 (A) & hubby - Chanel No. 5 ($115 - a xmas/bday gift)
Friend #3 (S) - giftcard ($0)
Friend #4 (S) - giftcard ($0)
Friend #5 (B) - giftcard ($0)
Total = $165


Serendipity said...

Not that it's cool that happened or anything, but isin't it funny how your friend can break up with you? As for dress shoes for M, Rambo seems to think his MixxIT dress shoes are comfy. Of course, I want to say they came from Dillards but this pair is a couple of years old. W likes Steve Maddens too.Good luck with the shopping!

paranoidasteroid said...

I am trying so hard t get into an exercise habit before the Festivals of Eating begin.

One Christmas I got Chad a giant plushie of gonorrhea. He was really confused as I kept saying, "Honey, I'm going to give you The Clap for Christmas!" pretty much the whole week leading up to it.

Abigail said...

Just a quick note if you haven't already bought the all-in-one (or still have the receipt): On Black Friday, one of the stores -- Walmart? Staples? -- is selling an HP all-in-one for $25. Also, you can probably find the ink cheaper online. I went through Ebates (but Inbox Dollars and MyPoints also have these stores) and found some ink places. Personally, I got generic and have had no problems, but most of the stores sell the name brands and do it at lower prices than the big stores. Just a thought.

Sunflowers said...

@Serendipity: Yeah, it's funny... Especially when it's over a guy she's known barely a year!! argh. Anyway, thanks for the recommendations! :)

@Paranoidasteroid: The festival of eating has already begun at our house <.<; I don't know why, but we've been eating out (and eating a lot) everyday! ack! Must. exercise...

I've seen those plushies! From Thinkgeek? ;)

@Abigail: Do you know if that all-in-one has a fax? If it does, then I definitely need to track that down!

Unknown said...

Great gifts! BF and I loved the Anvil documentary.

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