Goals Progress

Wanted to take another look at my goals... since September is nearly over I need a kick in the butt to get everything accomplished!


  • Schedule appointment w/gyno - I need to still do this, and the below.
  • Schedule appointment w/doctor - I have a fear of flying. We're going on a 10+ hr flight in a few weeks. I've always sucked it up in the past (clutched people's hands, drank alcohol, shut my eyes really tight, prayed... the list goes on :P) but the other day my dad said, "why not try xanax?" I looked it up on Wikipedia and am not thrilled with the list of potential side effects, but thought I might as well talk to my doctor about it. Anyone had any experience with it?
Europe Trip
  • Book hotels in Germany - There are one or two loose ends to tie up regarding the trip, but otherwise I'm DONE! And now I just have to wait - just a couple weeks to go!! :)
  • Start learning basic French/German - Haven't had time for this... I think I'm just going to buy a basic phrasebook for my Kindle and hope it's enough. :P
  • Put purses/clothes up for sale on ebay - I'm going to try to do this by Tuesday night! Classes got canceled for the next 2 days, so I have a very long weekend :)
  • Update side bars and do a debt disclosure post - I've been avoiding this... partially because I'm waiting for stuff I took back to disappear from my credit card, and partially because I don't want to face the reality. :P
  • Keep up with readings for school - Yes! doing good so far :)
  • Figure out essay topic - I'm adding this goal, since I need to have this figured out by next Tuesday.
  • Figure out spring schedule - I won't be registering until mid-October, but I'd like to get this figured out ahead of time.
  • Gym 2x/week (maybe swim & elliptical)
  • Swimming 2x/week (at an outdoor pool - I'm tired of being so pale!)
  • Yoga 2x/week
Fail, fail, and fail. :( Making a renewed effort starting tomorrow. I plan to go to yoga at 11.


Little Miss Moneybags said...

I've taken xanax and valium for medical procedures. It's weird how they work--they really make me calmer. Like, whoa, man, love you man, everything's groovy, calmer. I don't mind flying, but my mom takes xanax for it and it works for her.

I don't have side effects from those types of drugs, really--I mean, they get the job done and they seem to work really well on me. If I needed it, I would take it.

DebtFreeBabe said...

Yikes. I need to get a gyno appointment as well. Hate it! Hate it!. Hate it! Lost my aunt to Ovarian cancer 4 years ago. She was too late to save.. And . I just don't want to go! So scared.. i can't sleep. So scared.. I can't go! Every 4 months I postpone at least another month! Before her I used to go always on time. Now it is just too depressing.

Mrs E said...

I have taken Xanax for flying too. Like you I hate it! I think it's great, it makes me very mellow. Anothe rthing I will use is Flexeril, a muscle relaxer. Last time I flew to the Uk, where I am from I slept the entire flight!!

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