I've been very spendy the past few days... I bought the Iphone 3G S to replace my original Iphone (I was sold by the voice control - now I can just hit my bluetooth headset, say a name and voila, dialing), and yesterday I went shopping with my mom and bought a dress and jacket. (And shoes... but I won't talk about them because I'm taking them back in 5 minutes. They're gorgeous gorgeous... and they're also Jimmy Choos. Yeah. They need to go back)

I've also been bringing in a lot of money from Craig's List sales. M said he wants no part in selling things, and has also said if I sell, I can keep all the money. I suppose that's fair... but when I'm selling his separate property (i.e. presents from his dad - with M's ok, of course!), I feel like he should get at least half. I tried to give him some money the other day and he said he didn't want it, so I won't press the issue. I might slip something into his wallet though. ;)

We have two weeks left until our move, and the stress is starting to get to me. Probably one of the reasons for the spending. I'm looking forward to getting away from the high rent, but especially the landlord (those of you on twitter know what happened over the weekend - prospective tenant was let into the apartment without knocking and proceeded to walk in on me in the bathroom. ARGH)... At the same time I hate moving, and I hate the chaos that ensues. (Maybe 'chaos' is too extreme, but I definitely feel off-kilter) Ah well... it'll be over soon enough. :)


Brooke said...

visiting from living simply...

i felt the same this weekend. my dad gave me practically new shorts to sell in my yard sale - i got $3 each for them, but he wouldn't take any money. i wish i could sneak it back to him somehow

Sunflowers said...

Hi Brooke! Thanks for visiting. :)

I bet if you stick it in his wallet he'd be none the wiser... that's probably what I'll do with my bf. ;)

Mentally Sane said...

Are you serious?! The landlord just walked on in without knocking to show your place? Um, are you set up with some kind of agreement that allows them to show the place without your present or something? I didn't even know that was allowed. But, I have to say, one of the biggest reasons I hate to rent is the fact that people can just walk in anytime they please if they work here. I feel very violated every time they do..even if I know about it. It just feels wrong, so I know I'm reaching a point where I'm going to have to make the decision to buy. But, man oh man, walking in on you while you're in the bathroom is pretty crazy. I would have hit the roof!

Good luck with the move!

Kristy @ MYC

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