Planning Classes

The tentative schedule has been released for the entire year and I'm having trouble deciding what to take in spring. How many units I'll have to take is a little up in the air right now, but it'll be somewhere between 12 and 15.

Should I take bar classes (for those who don't know, these are classes that cover material tested on the state bar, and have a closed book final exam), classes of subjects that I'm interested in, or just the easiest classes possible so I can get out of this place in one piece? Any law school grads (Shtinkykat, Sallie's Niece, hint hint ;)) out there who can help me?

Leaving undergrad, there were a lot of classes I regretted not taking (language classes, for one). I definitely chose the easy/fast route there - I wanted to, and did, graduate early. Graduating early isn't a possibility with law school, but I would like to graduate feeling like I took all the classes I should have taken - both from a practical and a bar standpoint.

Were there any classes you regretted not taking after graduation?


Jessica said...

I graduated from law school today!

This past year I took a mixed schedule of bar classes, classes that I was interested in and classes that I felt would make me more marketable in this economy. I also participated in a clinical program.

If you haven't yet, I would strongly recommend getting involved in a clinic. It was the single most fulfilling experience I have had in all of law school. The particular clinic with which I worked was an Innocence clinic.

Sunflowers said...

Congrats Jessica!! :) I haven't gotten involved in a clinic - that's definitely something I should look into! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That's such a hard decision! I always feel like there are so many more classes that I WANT to take than I'll ever be able to fit in.
For us, we don't really have a choice since almost all the bar classes are required, it's a matter of deciding when to take them and not if. But it's still tough trying to decide which electives to take!
Good luck!
{love your blog, by the way!}

Sunflowers said...

@teasinglydiverse: Thanks! :)

Serendipity said...

I love reading these blog posts. As a potential law applicant, I like to see what I might be getting myself into. I have a question though, what exactly is a clinic?

Sunflowers said...

"What's a law school clinic?

In a law school clinic, students receive law-school credit while they represent real clients or mediate real cases. They learn relevant lawyering skills through close supervision by an experienced lawyer/faculty member. Clinics offer students an opportunity to serve the community and reflect on their experience as they become a lawyer."

Hope that helps. :)

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