Paid Off Braces!

I went to the orthodontist this morning and they gave me a timeline of my remaining treatments. Only 3 weeks left to go! It would've been a week sooner, but I need to get a filling taken care of at the dentist before they can do the molds.

They asked if they could put the remaining balance ($1147) on my credit card, since the treatment was almost finished. I was given the option of waiting another two weeks (and on second thought, that's really what I should've done), but I told them to just do it now. I should be able to pay it off before any interest charges are applied, but it'll be cutting it close. Oh well... at least I have another sidebar at 100%! ;) (Though technically, I suppose I should add the $1147 to the credit card bar... If I don't pay it off in 2 weeks, I'll do that)

Anyway... the end is in sight!! Yay! :)


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