Review of Spring Break Goals

My spring break is coming to a close (nooo! ;_;)... so I thought it was time to see what I got accomplished (or, uh, mostly didn't get accomplished).

Spring Break Goals, 4/4-4/12

  • Finish memo - Starting on this Monday, 4/13.
  • Get completely caught up on W&T reading - Trying to do this today, otherwise pushing it to 4/11-12.
  • Read E&E for Marital Property - Pushing to Tuesday, 4/14
  • Read MPRE Review to prepare for EL exam - Pushing to Wednesday, 4/15
  • Go to the gym or yoga every day - SUCCESS! :) I've gone to the gym every day this week, and am going to yoga today and tomorrow.
  • Put things up for sale on ebay - I'm gonna try to do this tonight!!
  • Scrub the bathroom and kitchen - SUCCESS! I'm getting sick of cleaning :p
  • Apply to any semi-desirable jobs - SUCCESS! I've been searching and applying for jobs everyday.
I read a lot this week... started and finished "Grave Sight" and "Shakespeare's Landlord" by Charlaine Harris (the author of the books behind True Blood - a HBO show about vampires, for those of you who haven't heard about it. I highly recommend it! :)), and am currently working through "20-something, 20-everything: A Quarter-life Woman's Guide to Balance and Direction." I don't normally read books like that, but it sounded interested, and it got almost 5 stars on Amazon, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I also went to the dentist, and had a temporary crown put in (they can't put the final one in until my braces come off). I also did some karaoke-ing with a bunch of friends (two of which I hadn't seen in a year). So I did get some stuff accomplished... basically everything that didn't have to do with school. ha! Oh well... this was supposed to be my break, right? I don't feel too bad. ;)


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