Update on March Goals

Since it's already almost mid-March, I thought I would take a look at how I'm progressing on my goals, and make a plan on how to tackle them over the rest of the month. :)

  1. Devote one full day to studying every week (M, F, or weekend). -- I'll study most of the day tomorrow.
  2. Devote several hours every Friday to reviewing my notes. -- I'll do this tomorrow. I didn't do this last Friday b/c I was studying for the MPRE.
  3. Study for and take MPRE.
  4. Prepare for and complete interview portion of Ethical Lawyering (50% of grade). -- I can't start this until Mon night (when we get our assignment).
  5. Feel like I'm on top of the material for all my classes by the end of the month. -- Working on it!
  1. Go to yoga (at least) 1x/week -- I will go this Sunday, and every Sunday after that.
  2. Go to the gym (at least) 2x/week -- I'll go tomorrow morning and Saturday morning. And then starting next week, I'll try to go MWThF mornings.
  3. Do some type of exercise for 30 mins daily -- I've been doing a lot of exercise at work (moving boxes, running back and forth), so I guess that counts?
  4. Start tracking my exercise/eating habits in my fitness blog again. -- I was doing this, but I got bored of it again. Not sure if I'll continue.
  1. Call and/or write Macy's and Capital One re: removing negative marks from credit reports. -- I'll do this on Saturday or Sunday.
  2. Sell a few purses on Ebay. -- I'll do this either tomorrow or over the weekend.
  3. Only spend $200 on food! -- So far I'm good!
  4. Check job postings 1x/week. -- I've given up on checking for now because they're so dismal...
  1. Go to Lenscrafters and get an eye exam (I have a free coupon!). -- Scheduled for Saturday.
  2. Buy new contacts. -- Will do this after my eye exam.
  3. Continue following skin and teeth regimen. -- Good so far!
  4. Go to the gynecologist... once I find one I like. -- I'll pick one this weekend and call them on Monday.


Miss M said...

I can't believe it's almost mid march, where does the time go? Good luck with the goals, that's a smart way to stay accountable. I should start my own, maybe they will help with my inefficiency problem.

Sunflowers said...

I know! Time has really flown by... Thanks for the luck - I'll need it. I really want to get all this stuff out of the way this month.

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