Tax Refund

I was happy to see my federal tax refund had been deposited into my account this morning... and even happier that last year's stimulus check wasn't deducted from it. Was that just a myth then?

I'm hoping California still has a few dollars left to hand out to taxpayers... I filed my return as soon as I could, so maybe I can see actual money rather than an IOU?? Here's to hoping.


Mom 'n' More said...

I knew we had to decalre it. But they did say on the that it would not be taxed. Which was a relief.

Bayjb said...

My tax return came in last week. It was a happy day. I had to declare my stimulus amount but it didn't really affect my return, fortunately!

Sunflowers said...

I heard the entire stimulus amount was going to be subtracted from our refunds! But I guess I heard wrong... YAY ;D

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