Job Search Update

As I mentioned last month, I sent out quite a few resumes in the hopes of finding a new job. I've since decided that I want to postpone looking seriously for one for at least another couple months (I need the time to get on top of school and get into an exercise routine)... maybe that's why I've started getting callbacks. Hmph.

I'm feeling really conflicted about working part-time versus full-time. My grades were a little better last semester (I received my first law school A! woohoo), but overall I don't know if they improved enough to justify only having a part-time job. I guess the quality of my life improved quite a bit (I'm no longer getting sick at least once a month - actually, I don't think I've been sick since I quit the FT job); I'm happier, I don't yell at M as much.

But my financial state has really suffered... and it's so scary to think of myself as graduating next year, no longer having loan money to pay for my expenses, and with only 6 months before I have to shell out $1400+/mo to pay back those loans.

I'm really struggling with what to do... I can get by with my PT job. But I want to do more than get by. I know I should focus on the long-term, and the money I'll be able to earn once I get out of law school. Then again, who knows how much I can really make out of law school? My grades aren't good enough for a 160k job. I'm probably looking at 70k, at most. Keeping that in mind, isn't it absolutely crucial that I make as much money as I can right now? On the other hand, don't I deserve to enjoy my early 20s, and be healthy and happy?

Anyway... yeah. You guys have probably noticed that I think (and write) about this stuff at least once a month. Sorry if it's getting redundant. ;)


FB @ said...

I honestly wouldn't stress out about money so much, except for the fact that you should not get into TOO much debt (hence why I had a job during school).

As for a $70k job, that is not bad at all, out of school, but I know how you feel - it certainly won't cover your student loans, etc to be cleared quickly as a $160k job.

But could you up your grades to qualify you for a top position? Or is it too late?

Miss M said...

Wow that's a tough one. I'm not sure the stress of FT plus school is worth it. Like FB said, will a few A's now help? I didn't realize that grades and salary correlate so much. I've gotten to the career point where they want to see the degree but don't care what grades you got in school. In that respect, starting at $70k won't stop you from moving up to $160k with a few years experience and a strong reputation.

Sunflowers said...

@FB: I think I'm already at too much debt. :( I'll be at 190k-ish when I graduate (about 170k of that being student loans, both from undergrad and law school)...

If I get straight As from here out, a lot of possibilities will open up. But the chances of that happening are very very slim. I'm going to try my hardest to make it happen though.

@Miss M: At the big firms (where you get the 140k+ salaries), grades (and what school you went to) are the key factors for getting a job. It matters less as the firm (and salary) gets smaller.

You're right; after a few years, I should be able to ascend. Thanks for reminding me of the bright side! :)

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