Budget Skeleton

I wanted to strip my budget down to its skeleton and see how little I can get away with paying... Money is going to be tight from now until June, and I'd really like to create a little wiggle room.

Rent: 1050
Cells: 120
Food: 200
Drugstore: 20
Debt: 1139
Gas: 40
Health Insurance: 99
= $2668

This frees up $555/mo... I'm going to just continue doing what I do now (tucking away $220 into my Long Term Expenses account every month), and the other $300 I'll leave in my general checking.

I think I'm also going to withdraw $200 cash at the beginning of each month and use it only for food. Once it runs out, it runs out.

I can't wait to move into a cheaper place....... did I mention I saw a rat outside my door the other day? Yeah. Can't wait to move into a cheaper, newer, cleaner place (with a landlord that doesn't suck!).


Mom 'n' More said...

Is there anyway you can give up cellphones? We did and now have a little pay as you go that only costs $15 a month for emergencies. Its hard at first to cut back, but actually really good to get rid of the communications that can wait - and most of them can.

Sunflowers said...

M and I have a joint iphone plan (which I solely pay for -- he covers all the other utilities)... We don't have a home phone, I'm often on the road, and I don't have a phone at my job (so I sometimes need to use my phone for conference calls). I honestly don't think I could live without it! :\

Miss M said...

Sorry about the rat, I had one scare the crap out of me one time in downtown LA. It ran between my legs in a dark scary parking, I screamed. I hope you find a good deal on a place, your landlord is a creep.

Anonymous said...

Rats...yeesh! I've had great luck with those sonic plug-in things - since they're not in your place yet, the gadgets should work well. Hope your lease is up soon!

Sunflowers said...

If the rat had actually touched me, I think I would've had a heart attack. <.<

3 more months to go!!

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