Being Social

I was unusually social this weekend, and some of it (tennis) was even free! This coming Friday I'm going to eat lunch with one friend, and Saturday I'm going to get together with a group of friends to do some sightseeing. So I'm all set to completing one of my goals for this month (being social at least twice).

Seeing people at work/school during the week takes a lot of energy out of me, so I tend to want to just spend the weekends with M... is anyone else like this? I have fun when I actually spend time with my friends, but it's a real struggle to get myself to spend that time. Especially when I have commitments on both Saturday and Sunday... I usually end up canceling one of the days. I need one full day to myself, at home, sleeping late, not showering, padding around in my pajamas.

Anyway, I'm going to try to set more tennis play-dates, because it's social, AND free, AND a great work-out. Of course, tennis is even more energy-sapping than normal social outings, so maybe I'll need a day and a half of being a hermit in order to recuperate. I'm not even kidding... two days later, I'm still so sore, I could just curl up in my bed and go back to sleep! Wow, am I out of shape.


Miss M said...

I'm the same way, by the end of the day I'm sick of humans. Mr M doesnt count (he's got more in common with the dogs). I'm naturally introverted and being social takes tremendous energy, I always thought I was weird until I read an article that suggests it's perfectly normal. Introverts don't need as much external stimulation, we are satisfied with our inner thoughts. Mr M is a social butterfly and the complete opposite in this respect. It's good you're making the effort to be more social, but don't do it if it stresses you out. There is no sense fighting who you are.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is an extrovert and I am not by any means. It's exhausting to go to parties where there are lots of people. I stay home from group activites a few times a year and let the boyfriend go with out me. I know exactly how you feel!

Bayjb said...

Lately I've been having issues with buying lunch. I prefer to do it one day a week because I dine out a lot over the weekend, but lately I've been buying more, which is driving me crazy. Must be more economical.

Sunflowers said...

Miss M - I'm definitely an introvert... and I do feel like I have to fight it a bit. I want to nurture the relationships with my friends. If I gave in to my nature, I would never go out and do anything. <.< It stresses me in the short-term, but enriches me in the long-term, so I think it's positive. :)

Moving on up - It is exhausting! I usually feel like sleeping right after parties. ;)

Bayjb - Usually on my days off (M/F), I stay at home and eat a hot dog or whatever I find in the cupboard. If I'm by myself, I never feel inclined to go out to eat. So I guess even though I'm losing money by just having a pt job, I'm saving money by eating stuff at home. :) Oh, and I dine out a lot over the weekend too... M and I get lazy after making 1 or 2 meals. lol.

Serendipity said...

I wish I was more like you and would cancel. Not because I don't love my friends and family but I get really tired lately. And I always think its because I'm out of shape and don't eat healthy as much as I should but maybe it's just because I'm too social for my own good. :)

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