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I've been pining after one for awhile... as of yesterday, I am a proud owner of a Kindle 2!

And no... I didn't buy it! (I'd like to think I'm past large spur of the moment purchases for myself.) It was a present from M! :) I guess he got sick of hearing me gush at the screen "ooohh, I want you!" and telling him to "come look! come look!" haha.

It will definitely help free up some room (I can give away all the books I have on my shelves, once I've read them)... but it makes me feel a little sad to not be able to lend out books to friends or show off my collection (which really isn't that large anymore - when I moved out of my mom's place I left quite a few boxes with her). I think I'll get over that pretty quickly though. ;)

The price of the books seems a little cheaper as well, though M pointed out that it will never be as cheap as a used book. Then I pointed out to him that I never buy used books (I like the crispness and smell of new ones... and I like buying them on Amazon (with free shipping). I think I've been put off used books because I buy all my law books used (if I can) and I've had a few arrive smelling smoky and looking germy. I want my personal books looking pristine). Maybe eventually we'll be able to "rent" books electronically from the library? And lend out books to our friends with e-readers? But Amazon would lose money that way, so I'm not sure how that would work... Maybe we'd have to pay a monthly fee in order to connect to the library's servers, or a transfer fee to send books to friends. I guess that'd be better than nothing.

Here's my cursory review (I'm still reading my "real" books, so I haven't used it too much yet):

  • E-ink - just like reading a real book (you can read it out in broad daylight too)
  • Free (and fast) wi-fi lets you download books on the go
  • Wide selection of books, newpapers, magazines, and some blogs
  • Amazing battery life
  • Light and thin (about the weight of a small-ish paperback)
  • fits in your purse
  • You have to pay for everything. (to make up for the wi-fi being free, I assume) You even have to pay for blogs.
  • White is the only color (this is a really minor con... and I assume they made it white so it would stand out? makes it easy to find in my purse, at least)
  • Restricts your ability to share books with others
  • Does this weird "flash" when you turn the page - apparently it's the e-ink loading and it helps prolong battery life? It's a little distracting.
That's all I can think of for now... hopefully the "pros" list will grow as I use it more. We can only hope I'll one day be able to download law books!! My back would give profuse thanks. ;)


FB @ said...

You know, I was doing so well resisting the lure of a Kindle 2....

And then I go and read how you badgered M (umm..indirectly with charm of course) into buying one for you and NOW I WANT ONE!

I am v. interested in hearing you do an update on the Kindle 2 in about a week or so of usage so I can get a better feel of whether or not I should lust for this thing.

And the cost of all the books you bought to replace your library

(I don't like used either. I tried buying used books, and I feel like my hands get dirty).

Plus, they don't have the newer titles I want.

Fabulously Broke in the City

"Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."

Sunflowers said...

I'll definitely do another review in a week! :)

I have a feeling M was lusting after it too... He immediately downloaded a book and has been reading it the last couple days! :p

Miss M said...

I don't think I could get rid of all my books, there is something about holding one in your hands that I imagine the kindle can't replace. I hope you enjoy your present, looking forward to your update after you've broken it in.

Grace. said...

I think my age will be showing. I just can't picture myself reading a book on a Kindle--I want the hands-on feel of the real thing. I even prefer hardcovers to paperbacks.

And then there's the decorating angle--I never have to worry about decorating my home. I just put up yet another bookshelf!

Sunflowers said...

@Miss M: The kindle does feel very similar to holding a book... it's the right size/shape/weight. But I know what you mean.

@Grace: I think the kindle is something anyone can get used to! :) But I understand about the decoration... books are sometimes great conversation starters... but I used to feel that way about music (I liked having all my cds on a shelf), and now I'm devoted to itunes and mp3s. I can always have someone peruse my collection on the computer. :)

Gledwood said...

Debt is a killer. At least you're doing something positive by blogging about your situation...

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