Update re: hating my landlord

On Saturday, the landlord and handyman returned and the handyman was instructed to remove the breaker from the fuse box. That breaker controlled BOTH bedrooms, so we ended up without power in either room. The handyman said he was not coming back that day, so we had to call the landlord (who had left a few minutes earlier) to ascertain when the breaker would be replaced. The landlord first told us we could "just use an extension cord" (!!) but after pressuring him he said it would be fixed on Sunday.

We lived without internet (modem/router is in our bedroom) for the rest of Saturday (we had errands to run, so my withdrawal pangs were postponed), and that night we played Scrabble and rented a DVD.

Sunday, my bf's dad brought by an extension cord (he was at the hardware store and called and asked if we needed anything), so my bf was able to get the internet working again. I left to visit my mom before the landlord showed up. After he did, my bf called me and relayed that the landlord had dropped off the new breaker. Bf also pointed out to him a spot on the wall which we suspect is mold (landlord said "spray windex on it" ?!), and asked when the garage door to our complex will be fixed (it's been stuck open since last weekend). Apparently that's getting fixed today, and the landlord mentioned several times that it was going to cost him $3000 (are we supposed to sympathize?). Unfortunately, when bf called the handyman, he said he wouldn't be able to make it until today.

I'm now waiting alone for the guy to come... I'm hoping the landlord isn't going to tag along again, so I can talk to the handyman in private, maybe get him to check some of the outlets. I'm looking forward to not having to shower in the dark anymore! It's creepy. :p

As for moving, our lease is up in June, so we'll start looking in April... if we can't find anything, then we'll stick it out here for another year. It would be better to move this year, because I'll have time to battle the landlord for the deposit (and battle against paying his "paint provision" -- he had an illegal provision in the lease requiring us to pay for new paint if we moved out in less than 3 years). Next year I'll have the bar to worry about... I don't need more stress from my living situation. Maybe we can move into a place that's $400 cheaper -- my budget deficit would disappear!! But it'll be tough to find a place for $1700/mo in this area... and there's no way I'm going down to a studio. I can't live in such close proximity with another person, not even my bf!


H.E.A. said...

Be safe if you're gonna be there alone. I've heard way too many stories!

And good luck with getting your stuff checked. Your landlord is a piece of work!

Miss M said...

What a PITA! Your landlord sucks and I'm sure he wouldn't put up with what he's making you go through. I hope it all gets fixed without too much trouble.

Anonymous said...

What a jerk! I hope everything gets resolved.

Sunflowers said...

@Brandi - the guy just left... he was really nice! thankfully no landlord. The power is back on... but we'll see how long that lasts. :\

@Miss M: I know!! :( He's such a jerk! The handyman told me he hates working with him and that he's the cheapest guy he knows :p

@Moving on up: Thanks!! I hope so too.. :\

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