New Job?

I applied to six different jobs last night... about half were part-time, half were full-time. I won't leave my current job if I don't get at least $15/hr (Law Clerk) or at least $25/hr (Paralegal). Law Clerk will look better on my resume, so I'm willing to accept less.

There's one in particular I'm really interested in, because it's in the exact field I want to go into once I graduate. But I'm sure I'll be going up against a lot of competition, because legal jobs at those type of companies don't open up very often. (Sorry, I know I'm being vague... but it's a small field, and I don't want to take any chances. ;))

I was planning to wait until sometime in February to begin the hunt, but I was feeling dissatisfied with my job yesterday and impulsively (while in class, oops) decided to apply to everything decent I could find.

Hopefully I'll hear back from someone soon! The wait is always torture.

Update: Job 1 - Filled! 5 more to go...


Miss M said...

Good luck, Mr M really needs a job. Hollywood has been slow lately and he just had a movie deal fall apart, sigh. I'm surprised law clerk pays that much less than paralegal, I didn't know.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good for you! Good luck! I hope to read good news from your blog soon. :)

Sunflowers said...

@Miss M: All the law clerk positions are part-time... and the ones I saw were all at small firms. Also, they know they can drive down the wages b/c all the law students want "law clerk" on their resume...

If I'm going back to being a paralegal, I'll be headed straight to a big firm. I think I'm at an advantage, b/c a lot of law students think that position is "beneath them"... which is bs. It's still building relationships with people in the legal field, and can lead to an associate position in the same firm.

Anyway, good luck to Mr. M too!!

@supafrantastic: Thanks! :)

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Serendipity said...

I'm going to school right now and I am a criminal justice major with hopes to go to law school. My question to you is, how did you become a paralegal??? And my comment is, I hope you can find a job and make the big bucks! the best of luck. :)

Sunflowers said...

@Serendipity: I've never worked officially as a "paralegal" (CA is a bit stricter with the term than other states), but I've met the education requirements (see here:, so I can be one if I find an open position (big firm paralegals get paid 120k!!). I have my BA and 4+ years legal experience (you only need 1). You'll either automatically be eligible to call yourself a paralegal that way, or you can get a paralegal certificate.

I started working as a receptionist at a small law firm in undergrad, and they promoted me (while I was still in school) to legal assistant. Then I left for law school, and joined a big firm as a legal assistant.

My advice to you is... start working in a law firm ASAP! It was great experience, great networking and it allowed me to get a high paying job immediately after graduating. And it sustained me through part of law school (tho I don't recommend that route... if I could do it all over, I would go FT to law school)

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