School Books

I just bought my books for spring semester -- total came to $210. And that's buying them all used, from Amazon. Had I bought them used from the school bookstore, I would've paid $150 more! New would've been a whopping $264!

I've paid $400+ for books before, so I guess I should be happy. But I might get there yet... I still have one book to buy (couldn't find it on Amazon) and may buy a few supplements (though I'm still torn on whether or not these are a waste of money. I think I buy them because they've become like a safety blanket to me; I hardly ever use them... even though I probably should. Maybe using supplements while studying can be a 2009 goal? :p).

This unfortunately had to go on my credit card... but I'll pay it off as soon as my loan funds arrive (second week of January!).


Tiffanie said...

that reminds me, i need to order my books soon. through the college, they would cost me $ through Amazon it will cost me about $160. HUGE savings. i'll have to slap it on a credit card, too, and pay it back once my loan funds arrive. same as you :)

Simplelivin' said...

I worked in the off campus bookstore when I was in college and you'd be surprised at how many students return their books in mint condition. Most times purchasing the book for your class isn't worth it. See if the library has it, or if you can share with someone in your class if you really need it.
Great job on saving money on your books!!!

Sunflowers said...

@Tiffanie: I'm so tired of spending so much money on books! sigh. ;p

@Simplelivin: I didn't do much reading in undergrad... law school is a different story though. ;) And even if I don't use the supplements now, I can always use them for the bar...

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