I'm back!

As of last night, I'm officially on winter break! Yay!

I intended to crack open a bottle of champagne as soon as I got home to celebrate, but instead my bf left work early (well, early for him - 8:30), and we celebrated with Fatburger and Rubio's. It was already fattening (and delicious!) enough, I didn't want to add to it with the alcohol. Maybe I'll save the bottle for New Year's... or my birthday, which is now just a few days away!

It was excrutiatingly painful to be away from the blog for so long... I don't think there will be any more hiatuses in my future! Every little thing became "ooh, I wish I could blog about that." So, next time finals roll around, I'll save an hour each day to write posts. It'll also keep my spending in check -- that was definitely something I needed the past few weeks. I went a little crazy with Christmas (and Christmas sale) spending!! :( Revolve Clothing, a store I LOVE (and no, I didn't get paid to say that!) has been, and still is having a 33% off sale. It's applicable towards their sale and full-price merchandise... and the day I got the online coupon (the day after my first -- and most stressful -- final, where I was left with a super uncertain "I could've failed or gotten an A" kind of feeling)... well, I poured my stress out onto the sale, and scoured the site for cute stuff.

The first purchase I was happy with, because I had a birthday check from my grandmother to cover it (and how could I not be happy getting something that was originally ~$300 for under $100??). But then I started noticing that certain items I was looking at were nearly out of stock (only 1 left), and I convinced myself I had to buy it, if at least to try it on and send it back!

The purchases are now steadily showing up in my mailbox, and it's making me feel a bit ill. I have a little more birthday money to cover them, but I'd really rather put that money in my emergency fund.

So, now that I've confessed (I feel cleansed!), I'll also adamantly declare that all the purchases (other than the first one, my grandma's present to me) will be returned (um... as soon as they all arrive. I think I still have 2 packages to go).

Whew. I think I should've titled this post "I'm back... and badder than ever." Sigh. At least it's been a cheap month gas and food wise... Being a study-hermit has its perks.


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