I was looking at the money I have left in my checking account, and my budget and I'm a little scared I won't be able to make it until my next loan payment (in January). Figured it would be best to get it down on paper (uh, blog type-paper) to see if I really have anything to be scared about.

Current amount in checking: $4800.00
Income this month: ~470
Income in December: 0
Total Income = $5270
Nov Budget: $3207.25 - 2649.25 = $558
Dec Budget: $3207.25
Jan Budget: $1050 (rent) + 370 (car) (my loan funds won't come in until mid-Jan, so have to cover early month expenses): $1420
Total Expenses = $5185.25

Wow, that's cutting it close. :\ And that means whatever groceries we buy in December have to last me at least a week into January...


Shtinkykat said...

Good job in planning ahead. You now know you'll have to economize and stretch your grocery budget. A lot of PF bloggers have really good budget meal recipes and advice. You can do it!

Sunflowers said...

Thanks! I might end up going back to working full-time... I'm not sure. Maybe I'll do it just for a few months to get my credit cards paid off! They're a thorn in my side :(

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