Signs Point to... Change!

  1. I haven't bought a piece of clothing since October 5th ($73.27 for a belt that I may still take back). That's a month and a week of clothing-no-spend days. :) Pretty good (for me)! My goal is one year of spending no money on clothes! (um, undergarments don't count)
  2. I've sold two purses, and plan to sell at least two more by the end of the year.
  3. I'm happy with my wardrobe. And once I lose weight, I'll be even happier (I can finally fit into all my pants!)
  4. I'm being very conscious about using the things I have before I go out and buy something new. (like bathroom things - I used to always pick up a new bodywash at the drugstore only to return home and discover I had two already in reserve)
  5. My bf and I are making sure to only buy what we can eat, and not let anything spoil.
  6. I'm eating healthier (well, except for tonight, gulp), counting my calories, and exercising daily!
  7. I'm getting into the habit of going to yoga at least twice a week!
  8. I haven't charged anything on the credit cards in months!
  9. I'm cutting back on the number of meals out with friends (though unfortunately this means seeing them less)
Hopefully I can keep all this up, and add weekly trips to the library to the mix (rather than buying books on Amazon; I love having my own personal library, but it takes up tons of space, and it costs a lot of money, especially since when I have the time, I read a book a night!), AND start writing (short stories, poems, eventually move up to a novel - it's always been a dream!), then I'll be making some REAL progress! :)


Shtinkykat said...

You haven't bought a piece of clothing since Oct. 5th or Oct. 2005? If it's the latter, you're amazing! I need to me more consciencious of not wasting any food too. And good job on not using cc's. You're definitely heading the right direction.

Sunflowers said...

I WISH it was Oct 2005...!! No, I went on a major spending spree starting around May '08 and ending July '08 and bought a LOT of clothes, purses and shoes... it was a very expensive bout of temporary insanity. I've since returned or sold what I could (which is why I was able to charge the Mastercard up nearly 8000 and then pay it back within a couple months).

I'd like to not buy clothes for a year! (3 years I don't think I could do!)

Miss M said...

Clothes were a budget killer for me too, I somehow got over it. I want a better wardrobe but I don't want the expense of it! I only buy stuff on sale and only buy pieces I really need instead of, oh maybe if I go to a great club this will come in handy. Yeah right, it sits in the closet forever. You're making good progress.

Sunflowers said...

@miss m: Yeah, same here! I was obsessively shopping online over the summer, but then I stopped... I think starting school up again and getting the part-time job helped.

Tanner said...

It's always the new technology that gets me.

I used to buy a new cell phone every six months because I had to have the newest and the shiniest! New laptop every two years, and so on.

It's taking a lot of discipline to stay out of the electronics shops.

H.E.A. said... do you get all those charts of your debt payoffs? I want to add some of those to my blog for debt and for weight loss goals...


Sunflowers said...

@a fool: or away from I know what you mean. I'm hoping the "shiny-ness" of my iphone and my laptop will last me a couple years... because I can't make any more big purchases before then. :\ Luckily, my bf is obsessed with tech too, so he'll buy anything he deems a "must have"... so I don't think I'll be too deprived. That's good, b/c I don't think I could've survived the withdrawal pangs. ;)

@brandy: I did "view page source" at another blog, copied the html, pasted it into blogger's layout editor (I think it's the "add html" gadget) and then modified it to my liking. :) I can help more if you want to e-mail me (

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