November Budget Summary


Rent10500Total is 2100
Gas 100-44Yay low prices!
Our groceries/eating out310+23

Eating out w/friends50-241 friend
Eating at school50-27a lot of chai lattes
Cell120-11I pay for mine & bf's
Health/Dental Insurance109+1092 months payment


Car Payment3700

Capital One Payment200-170

Visa Payment200+100


Yearly Expenses


Misc Health200

Oil Change150

Car Registration120

Misc Car170


School Books330

Renter's Insurance8.250


Misc Household9+74holder/bulb remover

Christmas Tree3.500





Dry Cleaning200

Entertainment20+22books, movie

Account Fees0+6for transfers
Misc0+38fixed jewelry/stamps


The biggest expenditures I had this month were from Christmas gifts (of course) and household items (I bought a toothbrush holder and a broken light bulb remover. The holder definitely wasn't a necessity, but we were using a drinking cup and it was annoying me. The bulb remover was a necessity, since we've had a broken bulb in our dining room chandelier for months now).

As for gifts, I didn't technically spend any money on friends (I used store credit, and I got some great deals!), but I did spend a fair bit on my bf and family.

I still don't feel like I got enough for my bf. :( (Especially since I already gave him one of the presents! I couldn't help myself) I have two practical presents left (an alarm clock and a book on investing), but he deserves so much more. I'll have to shower some love on him to make up for it. Gallons worth of love (maybe one gallon, I only have so much in me ;)), since I have to make up for the lack of presents AND my very bad mood (courtesy of finals).

This month should be much cheaper for gas (since I only have to drive to school twice, and I'll have one 80 mile trip down south), but likely not so cheap for entertainment. It's my 25th birthday, and I intend to have fun! Not extravagant fun, but over $20 worth! Hopefully I'll be celebrating more than my age... maybe some good grades too? :)


H.E.A. said...

Good luck with your finals and don't worry about the bf gifts. I'm sure we'll both come up with a way to make them feel loved without spending a CRAP ton of money :)

Sunflowers said...

Thanks Brandi! :)

Kelly said...

Just a note- I don't know how high up the light fixture was, or if this solution would have worked for you at all, but I've used a halved raw potato to remove broken bulbs before. Just make sure to cut the electricity off at the fuse box first.

Sunflowers said...

@Kelly: If I stand on tippy-toes, I can reach the light... my bf can reach it easily (it's in a chandelier). So you just shove the potato straight up, let the glass get stuck in it, then yank it down? (I'm trying to picture this ;)) I probably should have thought of some kind of home remedy before I went out and bought the remover, because this kind of thing happens so rarely...

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