I'm very impatient to make a payment on my Visa card and to pay off the first braces payment that just posted on my Mastercard. I'm waiting for the billing cycle to begin on the Visa (it just ended on 11/2), and am doing the same for the Mastercard (since it's telling me I exceeded the number of payments I can make in a month! I didn't know there was a limit. That's stupid!).

I also have money coming from Paypal on Friday (about $550 - I sold 2 things on ebay!) which I'll apply to the Visa as soon as it clears.

I'm going to only make a $30 payment to the Capital One card (the minimum is $15 and there's 0% interest) so I can put the extra $170 towards the Visa. I think I'll do that next month as well (that'll mean $740 + 550 = 1290 paid off by end of December!). I'll have to play catch-up on that card from Jan-April (when the 0% interest expires), but by then I should be making more money and it won't be a problem.

I feel like an idiot when I look at that Visa and know I could've had it paid over the summer... instead I racked up a balance on the Mastercard and had to deal with that instead. After swearing to myself I would never rack up a balance on that card!! Ugh... never again -- and I mean it.


Anonymous said...

I'm impatient too! It's nuts.

Sunflowers said...

We WILL get there though!! :D Just will take a little while..

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