Done with Christmas!

Christmas cards: check; I'm mailing them today or tomorrow. My bf paid for these!

Christmas presents
: Done!

I have $88 cash to spend.
Bf: book on investing; plushie from Shana Logic; alarm clock; DVD; dress shirt (170) -- yes, I bought $100 more in gifts for him!! I feel bad that I spent more money, but finally feel like he's getting everything he deserves, so... eh.
Mom: GPS & carrying case (40)
Dad: giving him my Ipod; DVD (8)
Sister: figure collection; 4 plushies; lots of little stocking stuffers (66)
Bf's Sister: dress ($24)
Total = $308; over budget by $220!

I have $235 in Revolve gift cards to spend (~$39 per person)
Friend 1: clothing from Revolve ($22.08)
Friend 2 & hubby: video game for him; DVD for both; clothing from Revolve ($13.80)
Friend 3 & bf: clothing from Revolve ($27)
Friend 4: clothing from Revolve ($26.68)
Friend 5: clothing from Revolve ($12.88)
Friend 6: clothing from Revolve ($27.60)
Total = 130.04 in Revolve credit; $0 out of pocket! (leaving me with $100 to buy my friend's Jan b-day present, and maybe a little something for myself!)


Miss M said...

I'm going to make a few presents this year to save money. I have christmas money set aside, but I need to stay under budget! For my friend and her husband, a basket with a few small kitchen gadgets and a bottle of homemade roasted garlic olive oil. For my grandma, basket with homemade goodies. For my dad - a basket with puppy supplies (he's adopting the stray chihuahua I took in). My mom will get the same basket as my friend and I'll make some jewelry for her. I have tons of crystal beads and findings left from a short lived jewelry venture, always handy at gift time. Too bad I can't make jewelry for the men on my list! Get Rich Slowly has a list of DIY presents, if you need ideas.

Sunflowers said...

I'll check out Get Rich Slowly! Thanks for the tip. :)

Btw, that homemade roasted garlic olive oil is making my mouth water for some reason... lol! It's making me think of homemade garlic bread, mmm.

Maybe I should eat. ;) Writing Christmas cards and buying presents has burned off too many calories... I need more energy!

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