Could you live in a 100 sq. ft. home?

I was reading this article on CNN about a couple moving from their 1800 sq. ft. house to a house the size of a small shed.

Would I voluntarily move into a house that small with my bf? Absolutely, positively, NO.

I love the idea of lessening the amount of possessions... we definitely have too much clutter. But I like room to breathe, room to move around, do some stretches, have friends over who can sprawl on couches and on the floor. Having a house that small, especially living with another person, would make me feel desperate for privacy, edgy, and claustrophobic. I really have no idea how they're doing it.

I understand feeling trapped by rent and mortgage payments and wanting to get away from that, but living in something so small would make me feel just as much if not more trapped. It would be suffocating. The house would no longer be a sanctuary, it would merely be a place to sleep at night. That seems incredibly stressful to me! And for 15k, couldn't you just get a mobile home, which would be bigger and allow you to sell your car?


Bayjb said...

I give people credit for doing it but I know I'm not strong enough to give up a nice apartment or home to live like that. No thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm a massage therapist in Manhattan, and I have a client I see in his home. I can't remember the official name for the type of dwelling it was when the building went up over 100 years ago, but I'd liken it to a boarding house. I'd put the total square footage (no closets at all, btw) around 120sq ft. with one window that faces a brick wall. At least he has his own bathroom. There are 5 of these rooms/apts on each floor, plus a hall bathroom that I think belongs just to one of the units now, but used to be the only bathroom for everyone on the floor. The staircase lists at a 20-degree angle. Most of the folks who live there have been there since rent control in the 70s and pay peanuts to live there (like $150-300/month). This guy is new to the bldg, pays $1050 a month - and feels lucky!! I live in a more central neighborhood a 10-minute walk away, in a very upscale building, and I've got 4x the space...but I "only" pay double his rent. Oh, and while the couple across the hall keep an exotic pet parrot, it's far easier to live near than the Bird Lady of Hell's Kitchen he lives across from. She has about 25 birds and leaves her door open (wtf??) - oh the stench and the noise!!

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