Braces, Part II - Cleaning & Filling

Today's cleaning cost me $76 (plus $6 for parking - there was nothing in the street, so I had to park in the structure). Tomorrow's filling should cost (at least) $100. That coupled with last week's cleaning means I've spent $300 at the dentist (and an additional $1200 at the orthodontist). Damn teeth.

My spacers aren't bothering me as much anymore, except for the molar next to the spacers on the upper right hand side. It hurts to the point that I can't chew on that side (and I can only gingerly chew on the left side, so I'm still pretty much eating soft stuff - sigh. I REALLY wish I had eaten a couple steaks before the spacers went on). The dentist didn't find anything wrong up there (I'm getting the filling on my upper left hand molar), so I'm not sure what's causing that. Still just pressure? Or maybe I'm grinding my teeth at night? I'm going to mention it to the orthodontist on Thursday.

This hasn't been a fun process, and I'm being constantly reminded by friends that it's only going to get worse. Thanks, guys! Hmph.

Update: The filling actually cost $148 (and the cleaning yesterday was $79). That means I've actually spent $351 at the dentist in the past two weeks. I almost missed my appointment this morning because I overslept, but I'm glad I got it over with. The novocaine shot and the tool that causes brain shaking were unpleasant, but overall it wasn't too bad. Took about 45 minutes. Now my jaw is aching, but at least I don't feel any pain.


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