Big expenses looming in the horizon...

There are a couple looming expenses that I've been in denial about. It's possible that I'll be reimbursed for one of the expenses, but unlikely. What expense am I talking about? Just the most important for my career - BarBri and the Bar. I checked my BarBri account yesterday to see how much I had put down first year ($50) and how much I had left to pay ($3500), and it made me a little sick.

There's also the MRPE, which I need to take this year, and which should cost me around $70.

Then the huge expense, right around the corner (I want to do this in the next few weeks) - braces. I'm self-conscious about my teeth (a self-consciousness nurtured throughout the year's by my dad's criticism - thanks, dad!)... and I think it'll help both my self-esteem and my career. I need to get it over with before I graduate; I don't really want to be the associate-with-braces. Yeah, this is superficial stuff, but people are superficial, and they (both employers and clients) hire people who look good. I've gotten one $5400 quote. My insurance covers roughly half ($2500), so that leaves me $2900 to pay. I'll probably end up doing the extended payment plan, so that'll cut into my budget every month. I'll go into the ortho's office either next week or the following week and then see where things stand, money-wise.

I hear I'll be in pain/extreme discomfort for awhile, so maybe it'll save me on food bills? ha.


Meg said...

Oooh, you're brave. I remember my Mom talking to me about braces and me throwing a fit because I didn't want them. I know what you mean professionally though; I told myself that if I manage to get my MD I'll spring for set of veneers. :) (Upwards of $30k just for pretty teeth... Ouch.)

Sunflowers said...

If only my parents had made me get braces when I was younger! But I probably would have reacted the same way as you (I would've wailed something along the lines of "I don't wanna look like a dork!!"). But I would've thanked them for it later! :p

I had my wisdom teeth out a couple months ago, and I can still remember the pain and how desperately I craved all the food I couldn't eat... so I'm really really not looking forward to this (and the little kid in the back of my head is still saying "you'll look like a dork!") but I just have to suck it up and do it! :|

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