Money coming my way

I made a big sale on ebay a couple days ago... so now I have $2400 coming my way (I made about a $400 profit!). Also, $148 from old books I sold on Amazon. And $173 from a clothing return. ($2721 total)

That made me feel good... maybe a little TOO good, since I promptly went online shopping. :\

Once the money is officially deposited in my account, I'll use it towards my Mastercard and then adjust my debt totals. Hopefully my stupid shopping hasn't off-set the earnings too much!!


undercover vixen said...

has ebay worked for you in selling clothes? How did you establish yourself? I have a brand new prada bag I want to sell and i'm a little apprehensive about ebay. I know they take some money from you upfront. Also, did you use an auction or just a fixed price? Sorry for so many questions but i'm really curious. You can email me back @ or just post here.

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