Goodbye Purse Collection

I am selling off (the majority of) my purse collection! I have a coral red Miu Miu, a yellow Botkier, an orange Linea Pelle, a blue Rebecca Minkoff, a black Rafe clutch, and 2 Tylie Malibus for sale! Whew. eBay's today-only special offer (no listing fees) was what convinced me it was time to get it done. I need to pay off this debt! And get money into savings!

Let me know if any of you are in the market for a purse! Everything's going for a great price. :)


Ella said...

oh my god you're brave! That must be such a hard thing to do! I am also listing and selling stuff, the cash I get is going into my christams gift fund for 2012 which will be totally cash funded by my sales :-)

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