New Budget

Check out the "My Budget" tab for my updated budget. It might not look ideal to you guys, but after 5 months of paying through the nose for both H and I, it made me sigh in relief to finally be in the black (though admittedly not by much). As an aside, the "haircut" category can really be regarded as "savings"... I haven't gotten my hair cut in a year, and I'll continue to go as long as I can without.

H will also be paying me back for the rent/utilities I've covered for the past 5 months, approximately $3400. Some of that will go into savings and some will go towards the credit cards.

After the bar's over, I may think about getting a second job. I want that credit card debt gone by the time I'm 30 (2 years to go!).


Anonymous said...

I got myself into so much credit card debt that I was even thinking about calling my dad's lawyer Francis S. Hallinan Esquire for advice. I tried a budget but it didn't work for me., Hopefully it works for you and you will be debt free soon.

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