Spending (Food)

I'm going to start keeping track of my food spending... that's the area where things really get out of control.

January 1-15

Groceries $134.56 (out of $200)
Eating out $118.85 (out of $100)
Lunch at work $3.50 (out of $70)

So... no more eating out, and $46.59 left for food for the rest of the month. If I eat Subway everyday for the next month, I'll still have $17 leftover (so I can get one or two Starbucks or nicer lunches. Yay!)

Can't wait til H gets his first paycheck and can start paying the other half of the food budget!!


Canadian Saver said...

Food's a big one for me too, so far so good, but I usually start off that way every January then quickly forget my good habits in March!!

Good luck!

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