I'm Back

The plane ride didn't kill me and neither did my relatives - hooray!

We actually made it back Sunday night, but I was wiped out, and retired right away. Then yesterday it was work followed by school, followed by another early bed time.

The trip wasn't that bad; the weather was "cool" (for Arizona), it was nice seeing the family again, and everyone loved M. But I cringe when I think about how much we spent. Flight, rental car, hotel room, food, sightseeing... it really adds up. On top of that, I lost my $200 sunglasses!! (You might ask "why does she have $200 sunglasses?" and all I can say is, I bought them 2 years ago, they fit great, they look great, and I was planning to wear them for another couple years... so, in other words, I don't regret the purchase) I called the hotel when I realized I didn't have them (I knew exactly where I left them), but had no luck... I'm pretty sure they were stolen.

This is the second pair of glasses I'll have to replace... last week my eyeglasses broke and Lenscrafters deemed them unfixable... I spent $50 to have them soldered (is that word really pronounced "soddered"?) but they turned out crooked. :( I LOVED those glasses and wish I could've held on to them for at least another year..... sigh. Oh well. I guess this is the time for change.

Anyway, I'm off to take a hard look at my bank account... I get paid on Friday, and my loan funds are supposed to arrive (finally!!), so I should be in better shape then.


Serendipity said...

I have 150 sunglasses. All I can say is, they were a Christmas gift from Rambo and I feel no guilt! Glad you had fun in Arizona!

Sunflowers said...

I actually found them! They were in our luggage all along... hehe. <.<;

I think the fact that we had a rental car and could come and go as we pleased was one of the reasons the trip was pleasant... I hate feeling trapped at the relatives' houses!

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