I hate planes

M and I are off to Arizona tomorrow, and two things are stressing me out. Having to see a gaggle of relatives is one of them... and having to get on that plane is another. I keep thinking I'd rather be making the 8 (or so) hour journey by car.

I've been told a million times that flying is safer than driving. That doesn't seem to help. I'm pretty sure my fear has increased over the years. (probably because, as I've gotten older, I've become more aware of my mortality)

Anyone else have a fear of flying? Even better - anyone used to have a fear of flying and figured out a way to cure it?


me in millions said...

Lots of drinking. But that might not be the best way to meet the relatives :)

Anonymous said...

xanax? My little sister literally needs meds to fly.

I too have gotten more scared as I got older. .

You'll be fine. Since there was a plane crash a week or so ago, statistically, you are safe. (Not at all true, but maybe it makes you feel better.)

Sunflowers said...

@Me: lol! I've tried that before (took advantage of the free champagne on a flight to England)... I can't say it helped much with the fear. Every time there was a bit of turbulence, my fingernails dug into M's arm. <.<

@stackingpennies: I was reading an article about that crash the other day... Just caused me more stress. :\ Re: Xanax, I'm not really into brain/mood altering drugs. I have thought about taking a sleeping pill (but I've never taken them and don't know how well they'd work, plus I don't think it would be wise for a 2 1/2 hr flight!)

Sunflowers said...

I think the shorter flights are actually worse, there always seems to be more turbulence!

Jake from Debt Sucks said...

Fear of flying? No, I'm fine with flying. I do, however, have this odd fear of jumping out of the plane, though. Especially when you're standing outside the plane. Once you let go, though, it's a blast.

Oh, that kind of flying... nevermind :-D

Anonymous said...

I always try to be in the middle of a conversation when the plane is taking off...just to be distracted. Although, that's easier said than done. :) I had a lady sitting next to me on a plane last week that must have been really nervous because she drank so much wine, she was sloshing it over on me!! LOL. So, I think someone else already mentioned the alcohol fix...that's always a nice last resort. :D

Anonymous said...

I take xanax or have some wine. Xanax is no bill deal. You feel normal just don't have the heart palpatations. I usually start with 1/2 a pill and take more as needed. It's better than white knuckling it!

Miss M said...

I hate flying too, especially take off and the first few minutes. After that I just give myself over to fate, if it's my time then there isn't much I can do at that point. Try to bring some distractions. Oh, I would totally rather drive to Az, it's so close.

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