Moving Costs

M and I signed the lease for our new place yesterday. I'm excited about it, but not excited about the moving costs. Here's a breakdown, and also a breakdown of the items we're selling to try to defray the costs.

July rent: $1225
Deposit: $1250
- $500 (the amount we put down yesterday)
Movers: $300ish
Carpet Cleaning and/or Maid: $100ish (I figure this is better than the landlord taking $500+ out of our deposit to do the same thing! Although he might take that -and more- out anyway... I just know we're going to have to drag his ass to court to get our money back! grr)
= $2375

Couch: $100
Desk 1: $35
Desk 2: $35
Elliptical: $400
Rolly bag: $20
Backpack: $10
Lamp: $2
Manga: $60
Barbeque: $100
Chainmail: $60 (M got this for xmas... very strange)
TV: $500
TV Stand: $100
Drawer: $10
Fridge: $300
= $1732

I just hope everything sells. If you're in the SoCal area, let me know if any of this interests you! :)


Shtinkykat said...

Egads. I've forgotten how expensive it is to move. This is a great reminder post.

Sunflowers said...

Yeah... it sucks. :( It wouldn't be so bad if I knew for sure we'd be getting our deposit back. That would nearly cover all our expenses!

Miss M said...

I wish I had room for the elliptical! We haven't been going to the gym and I'm thinking I should cancel our membership :( Good luck with the move!

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