Spring Break started on Thursday night, and other than engaging in a few social activities (maybe too many?) I've been incredibly lethargic and unproductive. I somehow pushed myself to do the laundry, but when it was dry I just threw it haphazardly on the bed. (I hate folding and hanging! argh)

I was planning on having today be the first day of my no-spend week. (since I'm on break, I can eat all my meals at home and don't need to go anywhere, so don't need to use any gas) But M and I had a tiff this morning, and I felt like I had to settle it with the best way I know how... Cupcakes.

So 9 bucks went to three lovely, delicious, heart-mending cupcakes. I feel like it was money well spent. ;)

(Side note: the $31 I spent on books in the middle of the night, however, was not money well spent. I have to stay away from Amazon past 2 am. It's too easy to push "place my order" even when my eyes are half-closed)


Anonymous said...

can you cancel before it ships? I've done that before with orders that were slow to ship (i.e. delayed a few weeks). might help...

Sunflowers said...

I'm going to try. I e-mailed the sellers; we'll see what they say. Hopefully they haven't shipped the books yet (and they're nice ;)).

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

When I hear cupcakes, I feel queasy.

I got SO SICK off those cupcakes... I can't eat another one again unless I make it.

Sunflowers said...

@FB: Sick because they were so sweet, or sick because there was something wrong with them?? Food poisoning from cupcakes would be so sad. :(

I have to limit the number I buy, otherwise M and I will set the box in front of us and then half an hour later they're all gone and we're groaning and holding our stomachs. <.<

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