Another Wedding

I think I've said before that M's mom is getting re-married in September, and that we'll be flying over to Europe to participate.

I learned today that one of my family members is also getting married soon, and M and I have been asked to attend. It's supposed to be a family reunion, because my great-grandma and grandpa are also flying down. (Although, there are so many family members already in that state (in the same city!), that they basically can have a family reunion every day of the week)

It's only one state over from mine, so it's not as much of a journey, and expenses will be kept low because we can stay with my grandmother. But... I'm already dreading it. I try to avoid going there (there being Arizona) as much as humanly possible (which means I haven't been there since I was a minor and dragged by my father).

I would like to apologize in advance to people from Arizona, because I'm sure there are plenty of nice, educated, non-racist, non-bible-thumper Arizonans, and positive aspects of living there (which I would be interested in hearing). But I haven't really come into contact with those fine people. I have come into contact with a lot of hicks (including some of my relatives); almost roasted under the sun; and found myself bored to tears staring out at the flat, dull landscape. I would pay $1000 not to go there.

So why, despite all that, have I decided to go?

  1. I haven't been there in over 5 years. (maybe people have changed? maybe the city has changed?)
  2. M hasn't met anyone on that side of the family other than my grandma.
  3. I feel it necessary to keep up some ties with family.
  4. Motivation to lose weight? If I don't, I know I'll get some wonderfully judgmental comments!
Anyway, that said... I have no idea how I'm going to get together money to pay for either of the trips. Arizona will just require gas and food (oh, and present); but Europe will on top of that require plane tickets, hotel, and transportation...

I just need to remain focused on getting the full-time (or well-paying part-time) job before the end of May. Even if that means going back to being a legal assistant or paralegal. That's an avenue I haven't really been pursuing... at this point, it won't enhance my resume at all (it may even hinder my prospects?). But money is money... I'll do what I have to do. (Which maybe means working over the summer full-time then quitting and leaving the job off my resume)


Sallie's Niece said...

That's tough you have to pay so much to go to a wedding of family you don't care for. We can't choose our family but think of all the fun stories you can share with your boyfriend after he's met them all in person.

Serendipity said...

I would love to know where in Arizona it is. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that I am from Arizona. I am from the most redneck city in that state, Bullhead City right next to Kingman. And I freakin hate it more than anybody will ever know. I completely understand and am so glad school started so now even though I live an hour and a half away, I have a good reson not to visit. But I am sadly making myself go back next weekend. ;(

Sunflowers said...

@Sallie's Niece: It won't be so expensive to go down there (if it was, I definitely would say no)... but yeah, it will be nice to have him meet them all. I've already told him lots of stories; now he can really understand what I was talking about. ;p

@Serendipity: My family all lives in Glendale (where I was born). Since it's the most metropolitan area in the state, I guess it's also the least redneck? But there are still plenty. :p

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