New debt totals

I'm still waiting on $600 worth of returns to go through. I didn't subtract that from these totals because I'm not sure on what card the money will be credited.

At this point, I'm wondering - should I continue to pay down the Mastercard since it has such a high interest rate (24.99) or should I pay some of the Visa so that both will be below 30% of the limit? My thinking is getting them both at that mark will greatly increase my credit score, thus enabling me to obtain a third card with 0% interest balance transfers for a year.

Or maybe paying off the Mastercard will cost me less in the long run?
Mastercard: 5733 (67% of limit)
Visa: 8771 (97% of limit)
Total = 14504


QL girl said...

My understanding with this (and I could be wrong) is that they calculate the percentage using your TOTAL credit availabe, not per each card. So as long as you're paying off your total debt it won't make a difference which card the payment goes to. If thats the case, continue to pay off the mastercard, its almost double the interest!

Sunflowers said...

Thanks!! That's helpful. :)

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