FICO Scores

I should really be studying, but instead I'm doing research on how to improve my credit score. At least I'm procrastinating productively!

I was reading Steps to Increase Your Credit Score, 10 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score, and Give Your Credit Score a Makeover.

There are a few things I know I can't fix, and one thing that I'm curious about. The things I can't fix: (1) the length of my credit history; (2) a charge-off that resulted from a relative using my name for a bill and then not paying it; and (3) a credit card that I never use reporting me for not paying a $19 annual fee (they didn't send me a letter and I didn't remember there was an annual fee - mostly my fault since I didn't update them with my new address and I should've kept track of their fees. dammit!).

What I'm curious about is how I can play around with my credit card balances to increase my score ("overnight" one site says). If I get the Visa below 70% of my limit, will that increase my score? Or does it have to be below 30%? (as this blog states)

How high does my score have to be to get the 0% balance transfer offers again? 700? I'll check my score again next week to see how I'm doing.

To get both my balances under 30%, I would have to pay off $3268 on my Mastercard and $6161 on my Visa. That is definitely NOT possible at this point in time. If we got a roommate, and I started subsisting on bread and water for 6 months, then maybe.

I tried to get two 0% cards the other day, and was denied both of them. It's very frustrating. Not too long ago my credit was so good I knew I wouldn't be denied anything... and now look at me!


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