I was recommended this site as an alternative to Ebay. It's absolutely free for sellers, which is great, because I was getting sick of Ebay (followed by Paypal) taking huge chunks of money out of my purse sales.

I'm a little wary though... it gets nowhere near as much traffic as Ebay. Had I kept my bags there, I probably would've already sold them. With Ecrater, it's going to take time. And when it comes to my credit card debt sitting there and charging me interest, time really is money.

I'll give it a try and see how long the bags take to sell. Ecrater's bound to have more of a following soon enough.


undercover vixen said...

i would love an update on what happened with this.....did u sell on ecrater? I hate ebay for it's fees.... which site did u sell most of ur bags on?

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