Busy Weekend

I returned a bunch of clothing to various stores over the weekend. That felt good! Bofa's online banking is currently down, but as soon as it comes back up, I'll change the debt sidebars to my right. I still need to take back the Nordie's dress and the Uggs, but somehow they BOTH have gotten misplaced. I don't understand where they could've gone... if they don't turn up, that's $450 down the toilet! That's really depressing. I'm going to keep looking, and my relative said she would too... So maybe I'll have good news soon.

I also listed 3 bags for sale, which will bring me about $1200 if/when they sell.

I really doubt I'll be able to get the Mastercard paid off by October 1st, so I'm setting the new goal to October 15th. By that point, I (hopefully) will have gotten the funds from live.com's cashback program, funds from the sale of my 3 bags, and funds from the return of the aforementioned dress and shoes.


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