Nevermind about that vacation...

I checked my Worldpoints today to see if I really had enough to get a ticket to NY... and it's a no-go. I would need 10-15k more points to do it. It probably "costs" more in December, but that's the best time for the bf and I to go. I could either save up the points, or redeem them for a $200 visa card that I could use to get Christmas presents for my family/friends... I have to think about it.

I'm a little bummed about not going... I know my bf won't be, because he isn't fond of traveling (it was even a struggle to get him to travel to Europe - where he grew up and where his relatives/friends are - with me over the summer!).

I wish I could ask my relatives/friends to donate to my vacation fund rather than give me any presents... I'm always grateful for what they get me, but I honestly don't need any more "stuff."


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