I have an interview later this week (a group interview - oh joy). The job was advertised as an "attorney" position, but the email confirmation re-titled it a "case specialist." Not quite sure what to make of that. Maybe you get a promotion after a certain period of time?

The interview was set up before I received my bar results. I was unsure whether or not to tell the company ahead of time. I consulted with the career counselor from my law school, and she advised me not to say anything. But it's a potential strike against me.

The job is about 15 miles away and stretches over a high-traffic area. I don't know how much it pays; if I had to guess, I would say between 40-45k. It would be full-time, and it's not an area I'm interested in. And technically I should be studying for the bar full-time come mid-December. I suppose what I really need is a part-time law clerk position. But I feel like I should still go to the interview. It'll be an experience, if nothing else.

Has anyone else out there tried to work full-time and study for the bar... and passed?


Anonymous said...

My SIL studied for the bar while she nannied full-time. She worked daily from 7AM-4PM caring for our newborn son. She ended up passing the bar in two states, so I'm sure it can be done. She also took the bar exam in February.

TeacHer said...

I don't mean this to sound disrespectful at all, but do you really want to be a lawyer? All of your posts about the topic seem really negative, and you don't seem at all excited about getting a job.

Am I reading you wrong?

Sunflowers said...

@TeacHer: I'm not excited about getting a shitty job. There aren't many jobs out there, and the ones that have been calling me back are, unfortunately, just that. I made over 55k as a legal secretary. The thought that I would make less as a lawyer makes me physically ill.

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